Our Philosophy

Wild River is a restaurant run by Emma and Freddy – Freddy is the Head Chef, and Emma the “Boss of the Restaurant” (as we call it). But it is also a restaurant with amazing staff who helps us to create the experience we strive for.

The philosophy of our restaurant is a simple one: We love tasty food and genuine laughter. We love bold flavors and a warm atmosphere. And we love challenges that requires humility. In 2018, restaurant Wild River was born in the form of a small summerrestaurant located next to the Mårdsele Rapids. Since then, we have evolved into what we are today: A restaurant located in Vindeln, next to Vindelforsarnas Nature Reserve (in a building that earlier was called Hotell Forsen). A restaurant that wants to offer a small unique culinary experience to its beloved guests.

Our food is cooked from scratch with focus on joy, passion and love to the craft. Our food can probobly best be described as a mixture of modern northern cuisine combined with the flavors of the world, all nuanced by Freddys thoughts, ideas and creativity. We strive to cook food that no one has the time to cook at home, and at the same time food that we would have appreciated ourselves to experience.

The flavors of Västerbotten is central in our dishes. All our meat comes from local farmers or hunters, all our fish from local fisheries and fishermen, and as much vegetables, eggs, drinks, cheese and other, that we can find in our surronding area. So we always want to incorporate these Västerbotten-flavors in our dishes. We also love learning to know the farmers, creators and hunters behind the ingredients we use, why we always get to know our our produceras and use the knowledege they give us as inspiration in our cooking.

In our dishes, we also try to incorporate the flavors of the forests of Västerbotten. Besides being the “Boss of the Restaurant”, Emma is a forager in our woodlands during the summers, where she collects ingredients such as sprouse shoots, lichen, cloudberrys, pinecones, rowanflowers, mushrooms and berries. She usually uses the forests owned by Freddys parents, so she has undoubted permission from the landowners to forage there.

So, in conclusion, our ambition is simply to offer a restaurant experience that is something elegant and different, filled with big flavors, in an environment where everyone should be able to feel at home.